Lipstick Aloe Vera SPF15

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Facial care


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  • Lipstick Aloe Vera SPF15 Moisturizes Moisturizes
  • Lipstick Aloe Vera SPF15 Sunscreen Sunscreen
  • Lipstick Aloe Vera SPF15 Nourishes Nourishes
  • Lipstick Aloe Vera SPF15 Regenerates Regenerates

Developed with sea butter and moisturizing agents, this lipstick restores, softness to the lips and maintains optimum level of hydration.
With sun protection factor SPF15, it protects lips from prolonged sun exposure, beach or mountain activities, etc.

This lipstick Labial Aloe Vera SPF15 is intended to protect lips in extreme weather conditions and to maintain hydration, nutrition and beauty of the skin of the lips, which is one of the most delicate areas of the body.

This lip treatment will not only keep the lips perfectly protected from external agents, but it will help to prevent any peeling or crack on your lips. It also helps to prevent expression lines.

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Ho provato altri rossetti e questo è quello che mi è piaciuto
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