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As a result of using this rejuvenating and repairing Serum, skin becomes more radiant, soft, smoothed and younger-looking.
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This effective serum has been developed to enhance a skin that looks young and hydrated. Its formula combines Aloe Vera, Rosehip Oil, Avocado Oil, Mimosa Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Camellia Oil and Pomegranate to achieve a product rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins.
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This moisturizing face cream combines Aloe Vera’s unique hydration properties with the regenerating effects of Centella Asiatica stem cells, providing a soft, fresh and radiant skin. Its sun factor protects skin against pollution, photo-aging and UVA-UVB rays.
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This luxurious face cream regenerates and has a lifting effect on skin thanks to the combination of Aloe Vera’s hydrating properties and the revitalizing power of Gold.
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Pure Aloe Vera Gel 250ml is a product of superb quality, due to the large quantity of nutrients and active ingredients found naturally in Canary Islands Aloe Vera plants. 
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This moisturizing and firming body milk, produced under maximum quality standards, combines Aloe Vera’s unique hydration properties with the regenerating effects of Rosehip Oil and the firming power of Centella (also known as Asiatic Pennywort or Gotu Kola).
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The combination of Aloe Vera (98%) with its moisturizing effect and Rosehip Oil with its powerful regenerating effect, makes this gel a top quality product, indicated for all skin types, including dry and damaged skin.
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This muscular relaxing Aloe Vera Relaxing Gel with Warm/Cold effect integrates in its formula moisturizing power of Aloe Vera with the special properties of Mountain Tobacco (Arnica Monata), Graple plant extract and menthol to improve local blood microcirculation and to treat injuries or muscle pains and calm tired legs and feet.
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Aloe vera is a very precious plant and used in beauty due to the great amount of properties that it offers to take care of the skin and to improve its appearance. Astringent, moisturizing, regenerating, renewing, rejuvenating, antibacterial ... these are some of the greatest powers of aloe vera from which we can benefit to look a revitalized and flawless skin.

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Proaloe Cosmetics arises in 2007 from the experience of the founders in the world of cosmetics. From Lanzarote, where the best aloe vera is grown, Proaloe sends worldwide the best aloe cosmetics: you can buy pure aloe vera gel, shampoo, aloe vera and rosehip gel, soap or body milk.

The properties of aloe vera make it a super ingredient in the composition of cosmetics, it has great regenerating, moisturizing, nourishing and soothing power. This makes it perfect for treating the most delicate skins with problems such as dermatitis, atopic skin or irritation. Aloe vera is the best product to soothe the skin after waxing or sunbathing. It is also used in many cases as a cicatrizant.

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